Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best-fit size for me?

It depends whether you like it looser or tighter. If you are not sure, we suggest choosing the bigger size. You can roll up the the waist or take it to a tailor to adjust the measures.

Message us in the Live Chat! Mention your height and weight so we can assist you!


Why is the shipping so expensive?

We dispatch the parcels from Bangkok to your home. International Shipping is always costly compared to Domestic. Bulky orders for international shipping are not recommended unless you really need it.

For that reason, all our sales are FINAL, which means we do not exchange or refund bought orders. The only exception is if there are factory defects.


I would like to buy various items. How do I do?

Instead of placing one bulky order, place several small orders and simulate how much the shipping cost will be to you.

The lighter and less bulky the parcel is, cheaper the shipping cost will be!


Thai Post or DHL? Which one is the best for me?

Short answer, Thai Post is always better!

Long answer, DHL is pretty fast (up to 5 business days) compared to Thai Post, but if your country has custom taxes for international parcels, avoid DHL!!

Thai Post takes from 2 to 4 weeks but the good thing is it rarely charges you custom taxes.

Wait a little longer to avoid extra costs!